Avoid This When It Is Time To “Abandon” The Narcissist

Avoid This When It Is Time To "Abandon" The Narcissist


Today I will be addressing a couple of mistakes that you should not make when it is time to leave the Narcissist.

 So, this is before you wrap things up with the Narcissist for good. Also, I know I have been talking a lot about ending Narcissistic Relationships, but it’s because what I have come to realize is that there is always another one. And I am not just referring to romantic relationships with Narcissists. Narcissists come in all walks of life as lovers, friends, workmates, and family members, also neighbors. And once you have dealt with a Narcissist, they become a bit easier to spot and you realize you are surrounded by them.

 In this awakening or exposure of toxic people, there will always be some cutting and pruning that needs to be done. And what we need to accept is that the responsibility of ending these Narcissistic relationships is our responsibility alone. Because when a Narcissist is discarded or they discard you, in their mind, they only see it as a temporary disengagement. That is why ending a relationship with a Narcissist, going No contact, and making it a permanent arrangement has to be our job.

 Ending Narcissistic Relationships is difficult because we are not dealing with normal people. The Narcissist is someone who views you as inferior to them. You are also someone they have no emotional bond with, even though they pretended to. We are dealing with someone without empathy and emotional intelligence. We are dealing with someone whose goal in life is to win, conquer and subdue others. And we are dealing with someone who only cares about how they are affected.

 So, when confronted with someone like this, we cannot expect closure, we cannot expect equality or fairness. We have to accept that the Narcissist does not care about you, they do not care if you are not happy with them. They do not care if you are suffering with them. They just want you to be around to do whatever makes them happy.

 So, let’s talk about the top 3 mistakes we need to avoid when we decide to end a Narcissistic Relationship.

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