Scary End of a Narcissist’s Life | 5 Disturbing Truths

7 Ways a Narcissist Ends Up Losing


Narcissism is like rabies virus. When it enters your body, it doesn’t show you any initial signs or symptoms, and you get some time incubation period for it to grow, for it to reach your central nervous system. But once it hits you, once it enters your brain, you’re gone. Similarly, a narcissist gets all the time to do the crap they do to other people. But when they get old, their narcissistic defenses grow weaker, and they become the worst version of themselves.

It’s not only that; they also suffer in so many ways, which is what we are going to talk about in today’s topic.

As the narcissist grows older, one might think that they would mellow out, become wiser, or perhaps even somewhat reduce their narcissistic tendencies. However, that’s rarely the case. You see, narcissism tends to calcify with time, like a stubborn rock formation. The aging narcissist often becomes more entrenched in their ways, making them even more challenging to deal with.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about five things that happen to a narcissist as they approach their end.

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