Things You Should NOT Do During NO CONTACT

Things You Should NOT Do During NO CONTACT


Today, I want to talk about What things you should not do During the No Contact narcissist.

 But before I get into that, I feel it necessary to make certain things clear about no contact, such as what no contact should really mean? And the other option available to you if no contact is not an option. After that, I will go through how to establish proper no contact and then, what to avoid during no contact.

What No Contact really is?

 First of all, it is important to clarify what No Contact really is? Because I did an article on ignoring vs no contact, and some people seem to think that it is the same when it’s not- you can only ignore something or someone if they are in your sphere or presence. Ignore basically means to refrain from noticing or recognizing someone or something or not giving attention to something.

 When you ignore a narcissist, it means that for whatever reason, they are still around but you are not fueling them. It could be you have shared custody, or have to work with them, or even worse live with them.

 Basically, once you still have to see or speak to a narcissist, that is not No Contact. But we see that limited contact or ignoring the narcissist is another valid option aside from no contact, and it’s where you only deal with them if and when it’s necessary. But the aim is to actively Ignore them and not fuel them or provide them with any narcissistic supply.

 I needed to make this clear as people are referring to limited contact as no contact when it’s not. When you hear no contact, think zero, null, nada, nothing. You’re not seeing or hearing them. When you go no contact, it means there is no way for the narcissist to reach you.

Steps to properly establishing no contact:

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