This Is How Narcissists Torture Their Supplies or Victims


Basically, when you are with a Narcissist, it gets to the point where you are constantly walking on eggshells around them. And sometimes, just the fact that you are alive can anger them immensely. But as a source of supply that the Narcissist is not yet ready to discard, their prime choice of punishment is to emotionally starve that supply.

This is mainly done through the infamous Silent Treatment where the Narcissist stops or limits communication with you and also withholds their affection and attention. If you don’t live with them, then they are likely to ignore you or block you for some time. I refer to it as torture because that is exactly how the Narcissist views it. It would definitely be torture for them and so they expect it to be torture for you.

And this form of torture is one that affirms to the Narcissist exactly how much power and control they have over that supply. In every case, the Narcissist is hoping that the target will become desperate and do whatever it takes to fall in favor with the Narcissist again.

When Is It Most Effective?

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