This Is How Narcissists Torture Their Supplies or Victims


This form of torture is most effective when the Narcissist has managed to isolate their victim and they have no one to turn to or talk to. The Narcissist has become their only source of affection and communication, and therefore, they are willing to do whatever is necessary to stop the Narcissist from shutting them out or endure living in an environment as cold and hard as ice. Because the Silent Treatment is something that the Narcissist is willing to keep up as long as necessary. For although they are tense and silent with one victim, they have others that whom they can be jolly with.

A Book: Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men.

Why The Narcissist Can Keep It Up For A Long Time?

So, while they have you emotionally deprived and unable to confide in anyone, the Narcissist will have multiple Supplies they can turn to. Also, the Narcissist is able to gain supply from seeing you uncomfortable, bitter, confused, sad, or angry as a result of the silent treatment. And that is why they can go on emotionally starving you forever. They are basically killing two birds with one stone. They are punishing you and receiving a Narcissistic Supply based on your reaction to their lack of action.

What Makes It Impossible For The Narcissist To Torture Us?

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