How To Handle The Silent Treatment | Top Things To Do

How To Handle The Silent Treatment | Top Thing To Do


Today, we’re going to talk about one of the narcissist’s favorite abuse manipulation and controlled tactics. Today, we’re talking about the silent treatment, or how to handle the silent treatment? Why do they use it? And what does it mean in ways to handle it?

The silent treatment is what the narcissist will do to his or her victim to punish and or control the victim. They can either stop talking to you completely for days, weeks, or even months, or they can be very quiet and won’t engage in any conversation with you beyond what is absolutely necessary.

 Regardless of how extreme the silent treatment is that they enforce, it’s committed for one of five reasons:

1.  To punish you for some transgression may be real may be perceived, but they believe that you made against them.

2. To control you and to get you in line with the way you’re supposed to behave.

3. They use it to see how far they can manipulate you, see how much you’ll take, how far they can push your boundaries and how hard you will fight to make it end.

4. They do it because they enjoy knowing your suffering. They gain tons and tons of narcissistic supply from knowing you are struggling and seeing all the ways that you reach out to them in an effort to mend the situation.

 5. Because they have realized you are no longer a good source of narcissistic supply and have targeted someone else and moved on.

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