3 People Narcissists Cannot Tolerate

5 Things a Narcissist does when they're alone

What is narcissism?

When we talk about the pattern of narcissism, we have what the textbooks will tell us, and narcissism is defined by a lot of selfishness and entitlement. They have a low level of empathy toward you; they want to be in control; they feel superior; they operate with the false self intact. Those are some of the things that you’re going to see that are part of the actual defining features of narcissism.

But then, as we go a little bit further, there are quite a few other adjectives that we could use that would also be off-label in the way that we describe these individuals. These would include words like stubbornness, closed-minded, argumentative, or impatient. But I suppose if there was one off-label descriptor of narcissism, it would be the description of intolerance.

Narcissists are very unwilling to accept individuals who have beliefs preferences or interpretations of life that simply don’t agree with them. So when I say intolerance, what I’m saying is there’s a strong black-and-white, you must agree with me kind of a mindset that they bring. And then taking it a little bit further, there are actually three different people that narcissists can be most intolerant toward, and I want you to think about where you are as part of this.

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