Will The Narcissist Ever Stop Seeking Revenge


 Narcissists cannot help themselves. In their spare time, they actually go through their phone contacts to remind themselves of who they can feed off of for supply or cause some sort of hurt. So not only are they constantly on the lookout for a new source of supply, but they remind themselves of old supplies that they may not have heard from for a while.

 If you’ve lived with a narcissist, you may be familiar with them going over the same stories again and again of this person who did this to them. They may talk about it light-heartedly to give the impression as if they are over it but they are not. They seriously cannot let go, but the point is narcissists like to keep tabs on everyone in their circle. They like to be in the no, so even if the narcissist pretends to move on, the truth is that they haven’t.

 If you’ve blocked them on social media but still work with them, go to the same church, meet up in a similar organization, or live in the same vicinity, they will still be trying to affect your life. If they can stall any progression or impact any friendships, they will, by recruiting fly monkeys, smearing your name, and turn a whole village against you if they can. And guess what, that will probably still not be enough.

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