Narcissistic Flying Monkeys, Why Narcissists Use Them & Proxies To Their Advantage

Narcissistic Flying Monkeys, Why Narcissists Use Them & Proxies To Their Advantage


Today, we are going to talk about a very common and typical part of how all narcissists operate, and the tricks that they have up their sleeves to abuse their victims. Today, we’re talking about narcissistic flying monkeys, about abuse by proxy, which basically means, the narcissist abuses, harasses, spies, stalks, or smears a target via other people.

 So the narcissist will literally enlist other people to join in and participate in harming the target. Sometimes these people are referred to as narcissists/narcissistic flying monkeys. And the sad reality is the narcissist can and will use whomever they can to contribute and help them to do their dirty work. No one is off-limits when it comes to the narcissist accomplishing what they want.

  The abuse by proxy could be from your own child, from a sibling, from friends, from people you know at work, or neighbors. You name it. If the narcissist can get someone to help them to believe the lies that they’re telling about you and to actually participate in abusing and harming you, they will enlist them without so much as a second thought.

The meaning of the abuse by proxy

Today, we’re talking about a very common tactic that narcissists use to abuse a target called abuse by proxy. By proxy meaning, via someone else. So they abuse you by proxy of someone other than themselves.

Sometimes we refer to these people as the narcissist/narcissistic flying monkeys. Which by the way, the idea of calling these people flying monkeys comes from the movie the wizard of oz, where the wicked witch sent out her flying monkeys to do her dirty work. That’s where the term flying monkeys came from.

So why in the world would a narcissist want to enlist the help and participation of others to help abuse and terrorize a victim or target? Today, we’re going to explore why this is such a common tactic for narcissists to use against a target.

The Reasons why narcissists love to abuse their victims by proxy.

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