The Top 7 Different Types Of Narcissists


3. The covert narcissist

Sometimes referred to as a vulnerable narcissist. I like to call him closet narcissists because they’re very secretive about their narcissism. They tend to always portray themselves as either a victim or a martyr. They still believe they’re superior to others just like the overt narcissist. But so under-recognized for this specialness and so underappreciated. They feel slighted by life.

 They are usually very passive-aggressive in their attempts to devalue other people. So the overt narcissist will tell you straight to your face. How insignificant you are and how fabulous and wonderful they are. The covert narcissist will do this in an underhanded passive-aggressive way.

 Many times they come across as I’m constantly depressed. They feel very taken advantage of and so undervalued for how wonderful they truly are.

4. The communal narcissist

 These narcissists portray themselves as abnormally, nurturing, understanding, and empathetic. They almost behave as if they have these nurturing superhuman powers. They will advertise loudly how much they give to charity or how little they spend on themselves. And they use the fact that they are doing good deeds to validate the belief that they’re better than the rest of humanity. And they use their good deeds as a means of gaming narcissistic supply.

 They make it known that they have and that their lives have deep meaning and relevance while yours is very shallow and petty. Their grandiose delusions are substantiated by these good deeds. This amazing ability they think they have to empathize and understand what’s going on to make the world a better place. But none of what they do will be in private. They will advertise this splash it all over social media. Tell anyone who will listen all about the wonderful things they’re doing because this feeds their ego and the delusion of superiority.

 Their motivation for helping others isn’t genuine. It’s very self-serving. For example, you might know someone who is the pillar of the community and get all kinds of recognition from the community for being a good doer. But then, you learn that when they’re at home, they’re cruel and abusive to their spouse or family.

┬áThese people don’t really care about the people that they help. They only care about publicity.

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