The Top 7 Different Types Of Narcissists


1. The classic narcissist

The ones that think they’re great. They’re constantly bragging and they lack humility. They’re full of themselves. Their favorite topic of conversation is always themselves. They’re self-absorbed. They’re selfish and arrogant. They have low levels of empathy. They feel entitled and superior to most. And they don’t have a whole lot of problems taking advantage of other people. They have huge egos, and I don’t usually have two-way relationships.

 They are interested in what they want, and usually, that’s just about it.

2. A malignant narcissist

 Sometimes referred to as the dark triad because there are three distinctive parts to the personality:

  • Narcissistic personality disorder. So they’ll be egotistical. They believe they’re superior to others. They will need constant attention and admiration.
  • Psychopathy, or otherwise called antisocial personality disorder. Which means they do not have a conscience. They do not feel guilt remorse empathy. And they don’t feel bad for the horrible things that they do.
  • Machiavellianism. They are exploitative and manipulative. And they have a very sadistic side to them. They take pleasure in the suffering of others. And they view taking advantage, using, and screwing other people over for their benefit as just a very normal natural, and necessary part of life. These people are dangerous. They are cruel. And they have absolutely no problems harming someone else to get what they want.

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