Dating A Narcissist: 9 Early Warning Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist


4. They “show” empathy rather than “have” it

 Narcissists quickly learn that in order to avoid looking like a complete out-of-touch a-hole, they need to at least fake caring about your feelings and your problems. They do this by relying on their charm to hear you out, and make all of the facial gestures, and say all of the things a person with genuine empathy and concern would have.

 If you feel like he’s not really connecting with you about your feelings, it’s because he literally can’t. Narcissists can’t feel your pain.

5. They can’t handle any level of criticism

This is where the narcissist quickly loses that charm in your eyes after they snap at you for offering them even the smallest level of constructive criticism. And I have found that this place, this one right here is where you’re gonna hear some of the worst things you’ve ever heard from a person. Their guard comes down and they attack you in vicious ways.

 As long as you’re delivering criticism in a constructive manner, he should never be angry with you when you do that. But a narcissist, they literally can’t help themselves.

6. They have an inability to keep long-term friends

 I used to watch my family member lose friend after friend as soon as I was old enough to realize what was happening, whether it was a neighbor a co-worker whatever. He always seemed to have people at a distance to him.

 And I could never really figure out why, but when you blatantly make yourself your number one priority, and aren’t shy about that fact, and don’t mind reminding people about it, it’s not the best way to make people like you.

 That’s why I say, watch his behavior, how does he really talk to people? Is he close with his parents and his siblings, or is he seemingly hiding away his group of friends from you?

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