Dating A Narcissist: 9 Early Warning Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist


7. They are experts at gaslighting you

When it comes to the narcissist, nothing is ever their fault. If anything is ever wrong in your relationship or when you’re just getting to know him, that is 100% your fault and your problem in his eyes.

 And because he’s never wrong, he’ll be so quick to tell you why you’re wrong and why it’s your job to do all the work and fix everything. Sound like a good deal to you? Not a chance.

Needless to say, this process gets exhausting after you’ve been through it a few times. So listen to your heart here, how can you reconcile with a man when it’s never his fault you can’t?

8. They project their insecurity and low self-esteem on you

Once you spend a little bit of time one-on-one with a narcissist, you quickly discover just how insecure and beaten down they are inside. Unfortunately, these are things that will never get fixed within them.

 So if you need a pet project, never let it be trying to build a man’s self-esteem or help him become more secure. You will lose that game every time. Narcissists are sneaky at doing this.

 So just make sure to have a regular check-in with yourself to make sure any negative emotions you might have are actually yours and not ones that you’re carrying around for him.

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