Dating A Narcissist: 9 Early Warning Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist


1. They won you over with their charm

Narcissists have one dominant tool at their disposal to lure you in and overwhelm your better judgment, their uncanny ability to charm you. This is why narcissists typically have jobs of higher value, like being high up in government or a corporation.

 So if you meet a charming guy, don’t ever let that be the sole thing that wins you over. Take note of it, but really watch how he treats people around you, like your waiter or your bartender.

2. They have a grandiose sense of self-importance

 The narcissist will never think about you or love you in the way that he thinks about or loves himself. Don’t ever get into the trap of trying to compete with him on this.

 You’ll quickly notice that he loves to hear himself speak, and he loves to pepper you and others around you with his accomplishments and his achievements. And he’ll rarely be impressed with even the most robust things you’ve ever done in your life, because after all, to him, it isn’t about you, it never was.

3. They live & breathe for your compliments

 The most happy, and the most animated you most likely see a narcissist after you begin dating them is when you stroke their ego and start telling him nice things about himself.

 The double-edged sword though is when you start that complimenting process with him, you’ll quickly realize that you’ve entered a full-time job in order to keep this guy happy. The quota for giving him compliments will be a number that you’ll never be able to reach. It will never be enough to keep him satisfied.

A book: Divorcing A Narcissist And Other Jerks

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