8 Signs You Have Caused A Narcissistic Injury


1. Narcissistic rage.

 The most obvious sign you have caused a narcissistic injury is Narcissistic rage. They will get very angry, insult you, and put you down. They will say and do whatever they think will hurt you the most. In this state, they can be unpredictable and dangerous. They may throw things at you, damage your property, and they may even become physically violent.

 2. Passive aggression.

 If the narcissist feels threatened by you, they will become passive-aggressive. They will express their anger or annoyance indirectly, in a way that is designed to hoot and confuse you. They will say something, and then do something different. They will pretend to agree with you when they hold a different opinion because they’re afraid of the consequences of expressing their anger directed towards you.

 Maybe they’re worried that they might lose some of the conveniences that you’re providing to them. So instead, they become passive-aggressive. They push just to the edge of what you’re willing to tolerate so that it’s not enough for you to call them out on it so that you don’t have a firm conviction to disconnect from them, which enables them to continue their behaviour.

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