3 Things A Covert Narcissist Does Not Want You To Know

How Narcissistic Husbands Treat Their Wives


Today is a retake of an article I did 2 years ago. And it’s all about a few things the Covert Narcissist does not want you to know. The first article only had 2 things. Today’s article has 3 because we already know Covert Narcissists have many secrets.

They hide people, things, their past, money, etc. As it makes them feel powerful knowing they know something you don’t. But apart from these kinds of things, the Covert Narcissist has 3 bigger secrets that they do not want anyone to know. They would prefer not to bring these things to the light.

 Generally, many Covert Narcissists are very private. Some of them although they can be bubbly and outgoing, they do not reveal too much of their personal lives and they allow very few people to get close to them. But as some of you may know, it is not until you are in a relationship with a Covert Narcissist that you discover their different sides or faces.

 The Covert Narcissist, in particular, has 3 faces or 3 sides to them, which is something I went into in this article. 2 of these faces they will show in public, with no problem. And it is the face of a Hero and the face of a victim. But then, there is the third side of the Narcissist which I refer to as the face of evil, which is reserved for those closest to them, and the unfortunate few who have crossed them. They are the ones who come to see the true side of the Narcissist and realize that they are neither a saint nor a hero.

 But apart from having a dark, evil side to them; what else is the Covert Narcissist hiding?

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