10 Ways to Spot A Narcissist on your First Date


 Number 1: Your date shows up really late.

 Now, just how late is late exactly? The general consensus agrees that beyond 30 minutes, your date is terribly late and has not managed their priorities for this meeting. Unless they have called to apologize or inform you that they had an emergency before the date, they’re not valuing your time as narcissists do.

 Number 2: Your date looks like they’re under the influence.

 It’s given that you don’t show up on a date intoxicated or be out in public, in general. May it be alcohol or any kind of drug; it’s disrespectful and highly discouraging to expect you to be in their company if they’re clearly broken and possibly dangerous to be around, most especially, if you’re meeting for the first time. Not only do they battle narcissism, but there may be underlying issues with alcohol and drug use.

 Number 3: Your day looks like they’re not paying attention.

 Narcissists can and will take your presence for granted. You can tell if they pay attention to everything else except for you. They may be checking their phones constantly. This would imply the notion that whatever that’s going on in their phone is more interesting than you. The key is to notice it.

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