10 Ways to Spot A Narcissist on your First Date

10 Ways to Spot A Narcissist on your first Date


Ever been in a situation when you’re getting ready for a first date and a voice in your head suddenly asks: “What if the person I’ll be seeing is a complete narcissist, and I won’t even see the red flags coming at me until I’m in way too deep? Then, while getting ready, you start catastrophizing the scenarios that could happen if you don’t proceed with caution.

 And by the time you’re on the way to the venue of your first date, you suddenly doubt yourself and worry you will be the one to mess it up with all these assumptions. You’re going on your first date, yet, you’ve now convinced yourself that there won’t be a second one.

Going on a date with a total stranger can feel like a balancing act—you want to have a great time, but you also don’t want to get caught in a narcissist’s web. Don’t worry. Although every narcissist is different, there are plenty of red flags you can keep an eye out for. We’ve put together 10 different ways you can spot a potential narcissist on your upcoming date so you can make a safe, informed decision about your future together.

This article will show you 10 signs your date may be a narcissist. Let’s get started!

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