10 Signs You Live With a Narcissist


Number 8: They don’t respect your boundaries.

 Individuals who are narcissistic have no concern for the boundaries of others. They will not hesitate to invade your privacy, regularly transgress boundaries, and never apologize for such unacceptable behavior. The narcissist, particularly early in the relationship, will seek to determine whether or not you are a good resource for them. They want to make certain that you are capable of helping them achieve their goals. They begin to gently but persistently push your boundaries.

Typically, you are unaware of how much they have violated your boundaries until you leave them. Individuals that are narcissistic tend to have fragile boundaries or are ignorant of their limitations. When you demonstrate self-awareness and the confidence to speak for yourself, the narcissist gets enraged. They will say, “How dare you for being so outrageous and rebellious.”

Number 7: They are insensitive to your feelings.

 A narcissist will make choices only for their own gain. That is because they don’t care about how you feel or the consequences of their behavior. A narcissist will show no guilt for breaching obligations or borrowing money without planning to return it. Narcissists are extremely insecure people who disguise their wounded egos under a thick layer of arrogance, confidence, and entitlement.

The need to protect themselves from exposure to their authentic selves pushes them to focus exclusively on hiding their authentic selves under that mask. This mask provides them with a secure sanctuary. Their misconception and delusion are that they are perfect.

Number 6: Their feelings get hurt easily.

A narcissistic person may become outraged over a small issue. Narcissists are capable of emotional distress, but not in the same way that others are. They often suffer psychological pain as a consequence of underlying selfish desires. They often feel hollow, powerless, and embarrassed in the shadows of their displays of superiority and sense of entitlement, which they see as vulnerability. And they are scared of unpleasant feelings, and narcissists have a strong desire to exert control over them. 

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