10 Signs You Live With a Narcissist


 Number 10: They have a feeling of entitlement.

 The sense of entitlement is one of the most distinctive traits of narcissism. As a consequence, everything is either exceptional or inferior, either amazing or dreadful. Furthermore, they always see the world from their point of view. That is, your narcissistic partner will always lean toward what seems to benefit them, never toward what appears to help you.

The phrase “narcissistic entitlement” refers to the belief that one’s importance, superiority, or uniqueness warrants preferential treatment and resources over others. For example, individuals with a high degree of narcissistic entitlement feel that they are entitled to more respect, money, and credit for doing the same work as the rest of us. Although the term “special treatment” may refer to a range of things, it often means an expectation of treatment that is unique from (and frequently superior to) that experienced by others. 

Individuals with a high level of narcissistic entitlement, for example, may demand the finest seat at a restaurant or the right to skip standing in line with the rest of the crowd. They may insist on always being addressed as “sir” or “doctor”. They may object to people criticizing or challenging their views or thoughts (a courtesy that they might not reciprocate).

Number 9: They seek attention.

 No matter how many times you demonstrate your care and affection for a narcissist, they will maintain that they are not a priority in your life. They will never feel loved or valued, regardless of the amount of effort you expend. Narcissists have a never-ending need for attention and love. To attract this attention, narcissists sometimes create a charming false self. However, since narcissists are incapable of developing meaningful relationships, they prey on others who are more vulnerable.

The act of seeking attention, whether positive or negative, is referred to as narcissistic supply. Narcissistic supply is a kind of psychological addiction in which the narcissist requires an unlimited supply of special treatment, adulation, significance, or validation in order to sustain their sense of entitlement and self-importance. Narcissistic supply is the way narcissists interact with their surroundings, changing it into a favorable setting for their benefit.

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