Why is silence the best form of revenge for narcissists


 Number 1: Silence is the most powerful weapon to drive away narcissists from your life.

 Create and keep a no-contact rule with a narcissist. Live your life as if they never existed; avoiding all contact with them. Walk away from them entirely by going full no contact. Cut everything off, including their number and social media networks. Never allow them to contact you on anything. They know your weaknesses no matter what. They may use your friends and family to get in touch with you again.

 Believe me, a narcissist will always be a narcissist. They will manipulate you again and drag you to their game. If they manipulated you from the beginning, there would not be a problem if they did it again. Don’t ever let them, use silence as your powerful weapon against them.

 Number 2: Silence means ignoring them, not letting them in again in your life.

If you ever see the narcissist on the road or your paths have crossed unexpectedly, treat them as though they don’t exist in a single part of your life. Think that they’re just dead people roaming in thin air; you cannot see them.

 Refuse to make conversation, ignore them completely, go silent, and walk away. Once you choose silence as your tool, this will drive them mad. Let the purpose of ignoring the narcissist be for your good and safety.

 Number 3: Silence will lead you to choose to be mature and make peace within yourself.

 Be the mature one to learn to walk away from a narcissist’s toxicity in your life. No matter how difficult it is, you should realize that. Never beg for a narcissist or plead for them to take you back, think of your good. Apologize to yourself every day for letting them abuse you, and know that it was never your fault.

 You deserve self-love, respect, and self-value. Make peace within your mind and inner self. Convince yourself that you were fooled and lied to. Recognizing all of the narcissist’s behaviors will aid your recovery.

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