When Will The Narcissist Get Their Karma?

The 3 Afflictions The Narcissist Has To Endure


The Narcissist’s KARMA Is IN-BUILT / Their Judgement Is Set.

It’s a fact, narcissists are everywhere! Many are so well hidden in our society and there are even pillars of our society that you’d be surprised as to who is a narcissist. So, as a result, it’s near impossible to separate them or have them eradicated as some people would like. I get comments where people just want to focus on how to get rid of narcissists, and I guess it all comes down to wanting to see the narcissist punished for the hurt and damage they have caused.

 Well, I don’t think they are going anywhere, so that’s why I focus on the best ways to deal with a narcissist. This is why I have said if you spot a narcissist or you come to realize that someone is one, just avoid them, stay away, and minimize contact.

 I’m a strong believer that I don’t have to stoop to the levels of a narcissist in order to overcome the narcissist. I don’t have to employ their strategies or techniques to level the playing field. Maybe as children, we may have had to in order to survive in a narcissistic household, but there is no reason to carry on such behaviors in adulthood.

 And I also don’t believe that we should be too concerned about the narcissists being punished, and that is why I have chosen today’s topic, which is the narcissist Karma is in-built.

 But what is Karma?

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