What Would Make A Narcissist Come Back | Do They Miss You


Because for the very fact that they didn’t discard you first, the stakes are very high that they will be back, lurking, and hoovering sooner than you would like, and it’s because they were not finished with you. How dare you think that you could cast them aside? So they will be bruised and broken, and they will cry their evil eyes out, and then, proceed to deal with it in one of two ways.

 Some narcissists depending on how it all ended would be gathering flying monkeys to try and convince you to take them back. And it’s because they sincerely want to come back, but it’s not because of love. The narcissist simply was getting something from you that they were not yet ready to let go of. They probably didn’t have an adequate backup yet or it caught them totally by surprise. And in their minds, it is simply not your choice to cast them off.

 Whereas, the other set of narcissists will pretend to be unfazed and will fast forward a relationship that they were having with a secret supply. So as not to seem shaken by it all, but what they are secretly hoping is that you will get jealous and regret discarding them.

 So they will publicize this new relationship, lots of bells, whistles that they hope would grab your attention. But in the midst of all this, they are stalking you or will try to make contact with you on the side, hoping that you miss them and are jealous of how they are treating the new supply, whichever approach they take the objective is to get you back.

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