What Narcissists Say To Their Victims


 Number 1: ‘You are lying, I never said that’.

 Although Narcissists are pathological liars, they are always quick to accuse others of lying. They are quick to deflect this negative characteristic onto others. Because when a Narcissist realises that they have said something that can incriminate them, there is no way they are going to take accountability. It is much easier for them to deny it and make you feel bad for suggesting that they said something that they need you now to believe that they didn’t. And they can go about it with such conviction and rage that it can make someone doubt if they did actually hear the Narcissist say it or not.

 Their anger or annoyance is meant to convince you that you must have gotten it wrong. The Narcissist’s aim is to bring confusion. They want you to question the reality of the situation and conclude that you are the liar and not them as they never said what you think they said.

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 Number 2:  ‘You don’t respect me’.

 This is one Narcissists love to throw around when they need more control of someone, because your individuality or carefree attitude can make a Narcissist very uncomfortable. They think it is irreverent of you when you are too casual or laid back with them. The Narcissist wants you to walk on eggshells around them. They want you to be more mindful of how you address them or speak to them at all times. So, in many cases, it is not because someone is rude or truly disrespectful but rather the Narcissist wants more. Narcissists are very touchy and expect to be treated like they are above you or on a different level than everyone else.

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