Tips On How To Enforce Boundaries With A Narcissist

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 Today, we’re going to talk about how to enforce boundaries with a narcissist. Whether that be with a narcissistic family, a friend, a romantic partner, a boss, a neighbor, or whatever. This applies to any narcissist in your life.

What do boundaries mean?

 First, let’s define exactly what boundaries are. A boundary is simply a rule for your life. It states what is and is not okay for people who want to be a part of your life. Boundaries can be emotional such as: “I will not tolerate your name calling me anymore.” They can be physical such as: “How much time you will or will not spend with someone.” They can be mental such as: “If a person subjects me to psychological manipulations like gaslighting, blame-shifting, or projection, I will end the conversation and will not engage with this person until they understand and can honor my boundaries.” And they can be financially even.

 Boundaries are a line that you surround yourself and your family with. They are there to keep you safe, make sure that your priorities are being respected, and keep bad people out. Boundaries are not bad or selfish, no matter what anyone tells you, boundaries indicate that you are a healthy human being.

 Everyone should know what their boundaries are in their life. It’s part of having a happy, fulfilling, and successful adulthood.

So how do boundaries affect narcissists?

 First of all, to understand all this, narcissists are not normal people. They feel entitled to do whatever they want, when they want, and as much as they want. Not to mention they lack empathy for how their actions affect other people. Basically, they don’t care if their behavior is hurting someone close to them, and they feel entitled to behave and treat other people any damn way they please.

 So let me just preface this by saying narcissists hate boundaries, and they aren’t going to like you establishing and enforcing your boundaries one single bit. So when you do this, you can expect a huge pushback from the narcissist. They usually will pull out all of the psychological abuse maneuvers and tactics in order to get you back in line.

 So this isn’t going to be easy, is my point. Whatever the go-to manipulation tactic that they typically use on you, you can expect those heads in your direction in tidal wave proportions. If they use guilt, silent treatment, rage, pity, shame, blame, gaslighting, or whatever…, prepare yourself now because things are about to get real.

The Following Are Tips On How To Enforce Boundaries With A Narcissist.

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