This makes It Difficult For A Narcissist To Replace You

This makes It Difficult For A Narcissist To Replace You


There comes a time for every Narcissist when they realize that they have lost out on that one person or there is at least that one person that they cannot afford to lose. So, when they do, it shatters their world and leaves them longing to regain what or who they lost.

Not only was that person a primary source of supply, but they were the ones who captivated the Narcissist’s dark soul. They are the ones the Narcissist realizes sooner than later that they may never find a replacement. But is this really true or is it just all in the mind of the Narcissist?

 In today’s topic, I will be delving into why the Narcissist will never forget you or replace you. Could it be you were indeed their soulmate; that one person fitted to their every want and need?

A Book: Malignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisited– by Sam Vaknin.

 Well, if you know what the criteria is for the Narcissist’s perfect partner, you wouldn’t want to be the one. In this article, I shared the top qualities that a Narcissist looks for in that ideal mate or companion. But when the perfect partner realizes their worth and is able to walk away from the toxic hell the Narcissist created, or the Narcissist was the one foolish enough to discard them thinking they can do better; things can get interesting.

Because losing out on such a person can make a Narcissist do the unthinkable, which is to reflect and evaluate their actions. Some Narcissists realize the loss straight away, others go through a few other targets first before they realize that no one else seems to match up.

 Is it love that the Narcissist realizes they have for this person? No, unfortunately, Narcissists do not understand what that is. All they know is that you have something that they desperately needed.

The role of Narcissistic Supply.

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