Things Not to Say to a Narcissist | Don’t Speak These Words!


2. Your Plans.

 The second thing that a narcissist wants to hear from you is your plans. They want to know what you are up to, who you are seeing, etc. So that they can sabotage if possible. And also, if possible, they want to stay ahead of you. Narcissists are very competitive and want to make sure that they are doing better than those around them. So them knowing where you are at can help them decide what they need to do to stay ahead.

 As I said before, they are not your friends, but on top of that, they are very envious or jealous of other people. So whether it’s a person you are interested in or you’re about to start a business or start a course, build a house, whatever it is, do not share it with a narcissist. Although they may smile and wish you well, their heart is far from you. Their words do not match what they are thinking inside. They wish you to fail at whatever you set out to do.

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 The only time they may want someone else to succeed is if they can benefit from it, but even then, they despise the fact that the success came through someone else. And think about it, the amount of negative energy that they will be sending your way is something you can do without. The narcissist thinks success should only be theirs. They want everyone else to fail at whatever they set out to do so that they can feel better about themselves.

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