Things Not to Say to a Narcissist | Don’t Speak These Words!


1. Your Secrets.

 The first thing that a narcissist would love to hear from you is your secrets. They want to know your deepest, darkest, thoughts or secrets. They want to know things you’ve never told another living soul, but you should never confide in a narcissist. Whether it’s your past hurts, weaknesses, or anything of sentimental value; do not share with a narcissist.

 I know they are very good at getting information out of other people. I guess because they can be so convincing, they can make you believe that they care and that they empathize with you, but they don’t. The narcissist is not your friend, no matter how charming and chummy they can be at times. They do not care about you.

 The narcissist will take this information and use it against you. Even if not right away, they will be waiting for the prime time to take what you’ve given them and throw it back in your face. Also, don’t think for a second that they will keep it to themselves. Even when they do not tell others explicitly what you’ve said, they would hint at stuff to leave a negative impression in other people’s minds about you.

 The narcissist no matter if it’s your sibling, parent, pastor, no matter who that narcissist is, do not trust them with your secrets.

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