The 3 Afflictions The Narcissist Has To Endure


2. Fear.

Another curse they have to endure in this life is constantly living in fear, because they are so fake and two-faced, there is always the chance that they may be exposed or someone would actually face up to them and make them pay. As a result, Narcissists live a life of paranoia. Living in fear means they have no peace, as they are always anxious and unable to truly relax and just enjoy life.

 Narcissists use and abuse people, and they think that is what everyone else wants to do with them in some form or fashion. They fear being taken advantage of, they fear being exposed, and they fear being made fun of, which reminds me of a Narcissist I knew, who made fun of her weight so that others didn’t have to. She used humour a lot to cover up her insecurities and her envy. She would then use that humour to insult others as well.

Some Narcissists use humour to hide their fears, gain Narcissistic Supply and hurt others. I covered how some Narcissists use humour, but you can be sure it is no laughing matter. Everyone has certain fears but a Narcissist mind is crippled by fear.

And their main fear is that people will come to uncover who or what they truly are, which would then lead to an immense feeling of shame that they have been trying to avoid. Because under the fake smiles, fancy clothes and all that stuff, They bury themselves deeper and deeper, hoping no one ever gets to the bottom of who they really are. Narcissists are driven by fear. It drives them to be defensive, insecure, manipulative and paranoid.

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