The 3 Afflictions The Narcissist Has To Endure


1. Discontentment.

One of the first things the Narcissist has to endure all the days of their life is: Not being able to be satisfied or be content. Narcissists are on a constant treadmill of progress. Their lives are forever incomplete no matter what they have and no matter what they accomplish in life. Nothing is ever enough. Inside they still feel worthless, they still feel insignificant, and they still feel like there is more to have and more they have to do.

The void in the Narcissist’s life cannot be filled with stuff or accolades but they don’t seem to realise that for themselves. They are cursed with an insatiable appetite to always want more and that green eye of envy ensures that they are always comparing themselves to others and wanting what others have. When you are always comparing yourself with others, you will never be content, and Narcissists never are. They are not content with what they have or who they have.

And for some reason, they seem to get the best people out there; people who actually love them and would devote their lives to them. But Narcissists end up abusing them and chasing them away. They don’t seem to know what is good for them. So, they just keep getting more; More relationships and more stuff.

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