7 Things Narcissists Don’t Want You to Know

Number 1: Their Own Fault.

We often hear the proverb that everyone makes mistakes in their lives, and no one is so perfect that they’ve done nothing wrong. However, narcissists have a different perspective. They may have done wrong, but they never want to admit their mistakes. They do wrong things because they feel it’s the right thing to do, or they simply don’t want others to be aware of their flaws. Admitting mistakes would lead them to feel humiliated, and since they believe they’re perfect, they cannot accept any errors.

Even when a mistake is glaringly obvious and impossible to hide from others, narcissists will try to avoid blame by pointing out the mistakes of others instead. They aggressively exaggerate people’s faults, diverting attention away from what the narcissist has done.

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Number 2: Their True Intention.

Since narcissists only care about themselves and always themselves, no matter the situation, they tend to make friends with others only when the relationship benefits their point of view. Narcissists don’t want these convenient friends to know that their true intention is to use them. Narcissists will only become friends with people when they see them useful in achieving their mission. When they think that the goal has been accomplished, they will dump you in a pile of rubbish, then move on to the next prey to accomplish their latest goal.

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