7 Things Narcissists Don’t Want You to Know

7 Things Narcissists Don't Want You to Know


Narcissists are very deceitful people. They’re experts at gaslighting people around them, making people think they are subpar or mediocre compared to the narcissist. The person with this kind of personal characteristic is very sick in that they lack empathy, are extremely selfish, and constantly demands special treatment. Narcissists expect people to envy their accomplishments, even when they literally accomplish nothing. Attention and honor from others are like oxygen to them. That’s why narcissistic people are so arrogant towards people around them. The funny part is, a lot of people may still admire them. This is a result of their manipulative tendencies, since they are very good at influencing others.

Narcissists feel hungry for attention and tribute. They hate it when people try to uncover their true selves because it means they will soon run out of attention and narcissistic supplies. They don’t like any apt from others that will diminish their honor, such as pointing out their slightest fault.

At the very least, here are seven things that narcissists don’t want you to know.

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