7 Signs You Have Defeated The Narcissist


 1.  They Can’t Get Their Way.

 You have defeated the narcissist when they can’t get their way, when they can’t do what they want. They will try to deceive you by concealing or misrepresenting the truth and they will do anything to manipulate and control you, to get you to do what they want. But if you say “No”, if you refuse to do it, it destroys their false self because the false self is dependent on people doing whatever they need them to do.

 In their minds, when you say “No”, it means that they’re not deserving or they’re not good enough, so it destroys their false self and makes them very angry. They will act in an offense of a bad-mannered way.

 2. When They’re Not The Center of Attention.

 The narcissist always has to be the center of attention. They expect the world to revolve around them, they expect everything to be about them, and they believe that no one else should be admired or praised except them. But if you refuse to treat them as a center of attention, if you refuse to cater to their every demand, it will destroy their false self.

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