6 Rumours Narcissists Like To Spread About You.

1. You’re an addict.

These can be rumors such as they can claim that you have some form of addiction, that you’re an alcoholic, that you like gambling, that you’re a shopaholic, that you’re interested in p*rn, drugs, and s.e.x. More often than not, but not always, it’s usually an addiction that the narcissist themselves has, so that they can get away with that behavior because they’ve pinned all the blame onto you. You’re the one with those issues. Or neither of you might have those issues. The narcissist is just starting rumors. Or you might very well just like to have a gamble at the bookies now and again or a drink, no harm. A narcissist will exaggerate what you do to the maximum to those who gossip, to spread rumors about you.

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2. Money issues.

 They might claim that you have financial issues or that you drain them of all their finances. One often, they’re the ones with the financial issues and they drained you of all your finances. We can all have financial issues, and with a genuine person, you usually try to help each other out. You don’t start spreading rumors about people’s personal lives to people whereby those people, it’s none of their business as to what is going off in your life.

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