5 Things That Deflates A Narcissist


 Number 1: Making them feel irrelevant or invisible in a conversation.

 A narcissist lives on the attention they get from having conversations and interactions with people, whether negative or positive. Without that fueling them, the flare of confidence and pretense they exude will gradually die. Ignoring a narcissist will water down the Flames that could swallow you up and destroy everything from you.

And because of your constant cold treatment towards a narcissist, they would feel irrelevant and invisible in most conversations over time. That feeling could create a ripple effect of nausea and despair in a narcissist. The thing about narcissists is that they can’t take it when people ignore them. It can cause them to feel extreme frustration that could turn into aggression and that aggression can transform into violence.

 Hence, having a narcissistic partner could always result in domestic violence, or having narcissistic parents can lead to predominant child abuse. But sometimes, this extreme frustration can also make them depressed and honor roll with their self-pity and insecurities.

 The bottom line is that without the attention they get from other people, narcissists cannot function. They will lose their confidence which explicitly reveals how super official they can be. If you plan on taking a narcissist’s ego down a notch, you can try this to see how they will react. But my only favor is not to use this knowledge for fun because you aren’t indifferent from them if you will do that.

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