5 Favorite Sayings of a Narcissist and What They Mean


 Number 1: “You never let me finish when I am saying something.”

 When a narcissist says this, what they actually mean is, “I want you to stay silent because what you have to say is absolutely and completely valid. And those valid points would somehow counter my manipulative tactics, and I might lose control. But I want my control to be there, and I want to maintain it over to you so that I can keep getting supplied. And the best way to do that is to keep you silent. And I am making it all about you. I am seeding it out in your mind, in your brain, that you do not let me speak when, in reality, it’s me only who has been speaking throughout the relationship. And all I do is I expect you to listen.

Number 2: “What else do you want from me?”

 This sentence is very, very covertly dangerous because there is a presumption in this question that I am doing everything for you, and you are being ungrateful. So, what else do you want from me now? When in fact, narcissists do not even do the most basic things that a person is expected to do for another person, such as respecting them and showing care and affection without having them beg for it. And they know this. They know that they are not doing anything, but they are creating doubt again in your brain so that you start questioning yourself and stop asking them so that you start questioning your reality.

What a narcissist actually says in the sentence: “I know that I have done nothing for you, but I have to portray you as ungrateful and make it all about you so that you question yourself and you start questioning what you are not doing in this relationship, and you try even more.” So now you understand how dangerous it is. This one question and the whole situation is turned around.

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