5 Explanations On How The Mind of A Narcissist Works

Number 2: Narcissists exaggerate accomplishments and talents.

When being praised, most of us shy away from the spotlight, but not narcissists. Experts say that there are two ways a narcissist will react in the face of compliments. The first one is how we usually expect a narcissist to behave when being praised. That is to be boisterous and exaggerated when receiving a compliment. And to achieve that, narcissists may do shameful acts just to get their skills and talents noticed by most people.

One example is flexing while working out and taking off their shirts while drying themselves from sweat. Yes, ladies, most men who do these acts usually have narcissistic tendencies. After all, statistics prove that men have more chance of having narcissism than females. Well, every man’s inflated ego can attest to that. Narcissists are known to be show-offs, and when they get past the limit of being decent about it, they will rub many people off from their graces.

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The second way narcissists take compliments is by being humble and bragging. By definition, humble brag means making an ostensibly modest or self-deprecating statement to draw attention to something of which one is proud. Suppose you are leaning on your friend’s brand new car, and they pull you away from it, saying it’s still new while continuously wiping the part where you leaned on. Or it can also be someone asking for your scores in a test, knowing they got a higher score than yours. Narcissists can be discreet and fishing for compliments, and these types of narcissists are usually the ones we don’t even doubt.

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