4 Things Narcissists Do When They Are Done With You

Number 1: They treat you as a complete stranger.

A narcissist treats you like a stranger when they are done with you, when you have given them a massive ego injury, or when they know you know. They completely cut off the emotional attachment as if it never existed. The truth is, it never existed. They had just put on a facade. Now that there is no need to keep the act going on, they become stone-cold indifferent and don’t even acknowledge your presence.

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I remember during my last days in my parent’s home when I had stood up against my father, he would treat me as if I was the most worthless being in the whole universe, as if my existence didn’t matter. He would turn his back on me if we sat in the same room. Once they are done with you, that is how they treat you. They treat you as their biggest enemy, and your life with them becomes a scary war zone. They unleash their fury, and you are shocked to see how your partner or your parent forgets that there was a relationship between you and them. Because they do not respect anything at all, it is a jarring experience that leaves you feeling bewildered and devalued.

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