3 Things God Does to a Narcissist

1. He/she is provided with many chances to change.

The first thing God does to a narcissist is that he or she is given a lot of time, many chances, and a lot of space to change. But the narcissist never ever chooses to look within, take responsibility for their actions, or understand that they are doing something terribly wrong, and they need to change their ways. Because every human being has Free Will, and God isn’t that iron-fisted. God isn’t someone who just is eager to punish us and tell us about. At least, I don’t see the Divine being in that way. In my eyes, the universe is the most compassionate, the most merciful. So of course, you are going to get a lot of chances to use your freedom. A narcissist is given so many ways, shown so many ways that they need to understand, they need to take control of their actions. Otherwise, they are going to face consequences, and there won’t be any escape.

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The proof of all of this is you. You were given to them as a gift. It will make sense in the moment. The narcissist received you as a Divine gift because you offered them everything they needed to change. You gave them chances. You showed them compassion. You radically accepted them as they were. You forgave them. You treated them like you would treat your own child, let’s say. Because you just ignored their wrongdoings and kept understanding them again and again. But what did the narcissist do with you? How did they treat you? They abused you. They took advantage of all the freedoms you gave them. They weaponized your good qualities against you, which is basically waging a war against the Divine Force.

Rejecting that help again and again, trading their life force for whatever things that are perishable, things that are materialistic, give instant gratification. They never chose to see love. They never chose life. That’s why they are doomed to repeat the same cycle again and again and again because of that stubborn and rigid nature. They keep doing the same thing, choosing the same thing, thinking they are soaring high. They’re flying. They are the god. They are going to dictate everything, what happens to people, what happens to them, what happens to Earth. And God lets it happen. The Universe lets them be delusional. Because the more they will go high, the more it will hurt when they will be dropped, and they will land on their face. That is exactly what happens when the narcissist hits collapse. Their world is turned upside down, and their reality is thrown in their face, which is their punishment.

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All of this doesn’t prove God is cruel. Because God gives them enough chances. The narcissist self-sabotages, brings this punishment to them when they collapse. It is their punishment when they hit that old age, and they see all of that supply is lost. That is their punishment. There is one common thing said in all scriptures: God doesn’t like arrogance. And if he lets these arrogant people succeed, or let’s say grow or live or blossom in any way, it is for their own doom. Because the more they grow, the more it will hurt when they will start withering away.

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