3 Things God Does to a Narcissist

3 Things GOD Does to a Narcissist


Does God ever punish a narcissist? Does the universe, God, Divine, ever intervene and make them face the consequences of their actions? If yes, then why do they get such a long time to be a narcissist and abuse other people? If they hit collapses and if their face cut their karma, why do they face it right away? Because here you are, struggling and suffering, trying to move on, trying to heal, and so on. But the narcissist seems to be happy, okay with their life. That sounds quite unjust, doesn’t it?

And it makes you wonder if you’re a believer in a higher self, God, Universe, Divine, call it whatever you want to. You wonder, where is that Divine energy? Why does the narcissist get it all, and here I am trying to make sense of what happened to me? Let me answer these questions in today’s article.

Today’s article is going to be a little different because we are going to look at narcissism through the lens of spirituality and religion. It’s basically the extension of the last article I did on five signs God is showing you a narcissist. In this article, I am going to talk about three things God does to a narcissist. Now let’s dive into it.

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