15 Things Never to Do With a Narcissist (Be Careful!)

Is All Narcissistic Supply The Same To The Narcissist


Sometimes, it’s not plain that you’re dealing with a narcissist because real abuse is not obvious. They’re so good at reeling your heart that it seems magical. However, their narcissistic behaviors will be visible in every area of their lives, including workplaces and friendships. It’s unreal how sour they can turn out to be.

 If you feel you have already done a couple of the things we’re about to share, please remember that you’re not the problem. Narcissists are master manipulators. They eye their victims and pick out those who’ll easily fall for them.

 They don’t stop there, they mimic your traits, making you feel like you have so much in common. There is always room to patch up the wall. When their whiskers pop out, here’s what you should remember.

Below Are The Top 15 Things Never to Do With a Narcissist.

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