10 Weird Habits Of A Covert Narcissist


 Number 1: Covert narcissists get bored easily.

 Covert narcissists get bored easily, often going through periods where they’ll try to find new ways to keep their lives interesting. They’ll start taking up new hobbies and abandon them shortly. Narcissists might start running marathons, meditating, or writing poetry and stop when it stops being fun. They can’t sit still for long and constantly look for new ways to feed their need for validation and attention.

 This habit can also extend into their romantic relationships and friendships. Covert narcissists often have a string of Partners they’ll leave when things get boring. Sometimes, they can’t stand being around people for too long without getting restless, so they may make excuses to leave early or come late to events. This can lead to them being manipulative and controlling with others they know so they don’t feel alone.

 Number 2: They tend to copy other people’s behavior.

 Covert narcissists mimic the people around them, especially those they admire and want to impress. They are always trying to be noticed, so they often try to be like the person they’re talking to. You might see that they’re starting to use the exact phrase, speaking in the same tone as you, or even copying your body language.

 The more time the covert narcissist spends around people, the more likely he or she is to adopt their mannerisms and behaviors. This is because covert narcissists are constantly seeking validation from others; they want others to think well of them and prefer that they do so through imitation instead of direct expression. Covert narcissists are also not good at coming up with their ideas and opinions, so they usually copy what other people do and say.

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