10 Ways Narcissists Use People For S*x


 Number 3: Blackmailing or Threat.

 Narcissists believe that their needs and desires are laws that must be obeyed. For them, it is absolute. Say ‘NO” and narcissists will be enraged. Build walls and they will surely tear them down. Resisting any means and they will persist until they get what they need. They must get what they want by “hook or by crook”, even if it means that they will resort to blackmail or threat.

We can see or read news reports covering people who threatened other people for s**x. Threats could be made in many forms, but when we talk about s**x as the goal, the most common is the form of damaging reputation. A narcissist will do nasty things like threatening their partners to post their partner’s nude pictures or s**x videos online available to public view unless they have s**x with them.

 Number 4: Entitlement.

 Entitlement is the very nature of the narcissist. Narcissists believe they don’t have to ask what they want or work for it, thinking that they are entitled to it. If it is s**x they want, they believe they are entitled to have s**x with anybody. They have the right to demand it whenever they want, not considering others’ feelings at all. Narcissists believe in their own supremacy and consider themselves unique.

In bed, this could mean putting their own satisfaction first and foremost. It doesn’t really matter for them if the other’s needs are met or not in the s*xu*l relationship. However, a narcissist’s entitlement can also mean trying hard to satisfy you in other instances, so you will admire and praise their skills in bed and tell them how wonderful they are as a partner.

 Number 5: Coercion.

 The mantra for narcissists is by “hook or by crook”, as long as their wands are attained. They might use any type of force in abuse just so they could get you into having s**x with them, regardless of whether you voluntarily give them true consent to do it.

Their demands are commands, not answers by either “Yes or No”. Your No or any type of refusal does not matter at all. Sometimes they might even have s**x without your permission or warnings. Narcissists may use emotional and verbal pressure or physical abuse to coerce you into having s**x with them.

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