10 Signs You are Experiencing Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome


 Number 3: You develop trauma.

 Anybody would develop trauma after going through various abuse from the narcissist. The trauma could be psychological like anxiety, doubt, or depression, or it could be physical like fatigue, insomnia, etc. The things they have done will make you depressed and the things they are currently doing will make you doubt your self-worth. You will question your rights. The things they might possibly do make you anxious. It worries you so much that you overthink.

 Overthinking leads to disregarding self-care. It could lead to developing harmful habits like substance abuse and overeating. These habits would impair your physical health and mental well-being.

 Number 4: You feel isolated.

 One manner used by narcissists to gain complete control over you is to isolate you from your closest friends and prohibit you from having any kind of support group that can defend you against them. To attain this, they make you feel valued and well taken care of. Narcissists make it evident that you believe no one can harm you- This is a nasty method by the narcissist. In doing so, you or any victim would be doubted once they reach out for help, becoming even more vulnerable to their manipulation.

 Number 5: You feel used.

 Narcissists only care about the end. What does this mean? They are indifferent to the methods to achieve the end they perceive, only care about the result that would be beneficial to them. They do not care who they will use to carry out their objectives and take advantage of you or anybody to get what they want. And they will repeatedly use you until you are deemed useless. At first, they make you feel necessary. If you have a romantic relationship, the narcissists will lovebomb you. Later, you will be disregarded, especially if you can no longer benefit them.

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