10 Signs You are Experiencing Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome


 Number 1: You become indecisive.

 Narcissistic abuse often involves words that make their victims feel devalued. They may say: “You’re so weak. You would probably not manage without my help.” Implying that you cannot do anything right and that your decisions are always wrong. Hence, the reason for their existence is to make the right decisions for you. Frequently hearing these devaluing words could make you start to believe them.

As a result, you would become overly dependent on the narcissist, thinking that they could really make everything right for you. This makes you indecisive when faced with a dilemma where you must decide something for yourself. You run to the narcissist and made them decide for you. You lose your self-esteem even in the most trivial decision-making circumstances, believing that things would go wrong if you do it your way.

 Number 2: You develop trust issues.

 Being abused by a narcissist is so frustrating. Nobody wants that feeling; so when you become aware of the abuse, you do not wish to anybody treat you the same. Never, In effect, you defend yourself by generalizing, making yourself believe that everybody is a narcissist. They only approach you to get something they want from you. You doubt even the people closest to you and you become overly cautious; everything seems suspicious to you that you trust no one except yourself. Does this sound familiar to you?

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