Why Do Narcissists Pick Fights and Then Blame You?


Number 1: It props up their false self and over-inflated ego.

People with a destructive narcissist personality pattern, In other words, people who land on the spectrum of destructive narcissism, go through life with an intense need to start and win arguments because it props them up, meaning it boosts their over-inflated ego. It helps keep their false persona, including their false sense of superiority intact. It lets them know that they’re alive, important, and significant, even if in a highly dysfunctional and destructive way. In fact, the more high spectrum they are, the more they’ll seek to accomplish this by any means necessary. But there’s more to it.

Number 2: Narcissists are energy vampires.

 Destructive narcissists are vampiric in nature, and literally manufacture unnecessary chaos and drama because your high-voltage negative emotional reaction serves them in a number of ways, primarily as a means of literally siphoning your vital life force energy. The more frequently and intensely you react to the narcissist’s provocations, the more energy the narcissist is able to siphon from you. They go out of their way to target any vulnerabilities that you may have with deliberate intent to trigger you. They want you to react.

 And no matter what you say, no matter how much sense you’re making, no matter how much evidence or actual experience you bring to the table, there’s always an excuse to rationalize and justify what they’ve done or said, and, of course, always a reason why they’re right and you’re wrong. And as a result of engaging in this deliberately manufactured and circular mind-bending, crazy-making argument, you walk away feeling completely drained and depleted while the narcissist walks away feeling great. High, even. Why?

 They’ve been able to fill themselves up on an energetic level via your intense emotional outburst. Think about it. Emotion is energy in motion. Low vibrational beings will draw on and literally siphon the intense emotion, energy, and motion, coming off of their target. And this is especially true in the dynamic between the empath and the destructive narcissist. But, again, there’s more to it.

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