What The Narcissist Does When You Go No Contact


1. Expect the unexpected.

 Their attempts to get you back are to satisfy a need or benefit they were getting from being in a relationship with you, even if it’s simply the attention you provided them. Their connection to you is more about control than anything else, and because of this, they won’t always make it easy for you to cut them off. In fact, when going no contact with a narcissist, expect the unexpected.

 First, it’s not uncommon for a narcissist to run a smear campaign. A smear campaign is a carefully planned strategy meant to humiliate you and damage your reputation. This happens when the narcissist spreads rumors, portraying you in a negative light. They may say you’re crazy, unstable, broke, a cheater, lazy, a thief, a gold digger… basically, anything that shows the world what a terrible person you were and what a terrible person they had to put up with. They do this to shift the blame for how and why the relationship ended and to regain some of the control you took away from them when you ended the relationship. And if you want to know how to deal with the smear campaign, this article is for you.

 Going no contact with the narcissist will cause them to panic, especially if you were their primary source of supply and they don’t have anyone immediately available to take your place. But trust me; they usually have several potential Replacements they’re grooming on the sidelines. But, that won’t stop them from still wanting to get the attention that you once provided.

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