What Makes The Covert Narcissist So Dangerous

What Makes The Narcissist So Dangerous


Covert Narcissists are Dangerous and there are many reasons as to why they are a danger. They are selfish, cold, and calculating. But there is more and today I will be looking at what I think is the number thing that makes the Covert Narcissist So Dangerous.

I have covered quite a few facts about covert narcissists, which I have actually compiled in a playlist. The fact that they are evil, attics, pathological liars, emotionally immature, delusional, paranoid, etc. There is also the issue of empathy, which they seem to lack. We also know that they are sneaky, fake, two-faced cowards who cannot be trusted. But there is a trait of the narcissist that I want to focus on and elaborate on a bit more.

I believe understanding the narcissist is very important. When you understand something, it reduces and even removes the fear of that thing, which is also very important. So in today’s article, I want to look at what specifically makes the covert narcissist so dangerous, what makes them a danger to those around them, and what characteristics made them a threat to all who cross their path. In this article, you will find out what it is and who it hurts more in the end.

So What Makes The covert Narcissist So Dangerous?

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