Narcissist Hoovering, What is it, And what are some of the most common Hoover’s

Narcissist Hoovering, What is it, Why does the Narcissist do it, And what are some of the most common Hoover's


Today, we’re going to tackle the topic of the Narcissist Hoovering or the hoover maneuver as I call it.

 First, let me explain what a hoover is or means when we referred to it with regard to a narcissist. The term hoover or hoovering was taken from the hoover vacuum cleaner. When the narcissist hoovers you, that means they are trying to suck you back into the relationship, bait you into engaging with them again and get back into your life, and all narcissists hoover previous sources of a love relationship.

 I know some of you out there are saying well, my narcissist hasn’t tried to hoover me so what’s up with that! Trust me when I tell you the hoover is very likely common. I have been hoovered by a narcissist from my past from 30 years ago, not one peep in 30 years, then all of a sudden I start getting emails about how he wanted to marry me, sending me love songs, and all the rest of the love bombing. So hoovers certainly don’t always happen right away, and they don’t all look the same either. Hoovers can be bold and dramatic. They can be very subtle and unsuspecting, or they can be flat-out scary and frightening. Lots of narcissists stalk or harass their victims.

 So today, we’re going to talk about the Narcissist Hoovering, as well as I’m going to tell you about the most common ones to watch out for.

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