How Narcissists End Their Relationships- 3 Dirty Ways They Do It


1. Starting Fights.

One of the first ways Narcissists like to end relationships is by starting fights. When a Narcissist is ready to discard someone, everything becomes an argument and that last fight they will ensure will be the worst of all. Of course, everything will be exaggerated in order for them to feel justified in ending the relationship. Because even though it is their personal desire to move on, they have to make you feel like it is your fault. Therefore, everything you do will be criticised.

 Nothing you do will please them anymore. The very sight of you will anger and annoy them. They will blame you for bringing out the worst in them. The Narcissist wants out, but they want you to blame yourself for it. Never will they admit that they are outright selfish, inconsiderate, and unfaithful. No, You are the reason for their infidelity. You are the reason for their unhappiness, and you are the reason why the relationship cannot work anymore.

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